What Can You Do With Unused Things At Home

You might not be able to keep up with your housework. When you can’t find the time to clean your entire house, put your mind at ease and take care of the messiest spots in the room you’re currently in. Your bedroom is most likely messy because it’s a place of privacy where you’re free from distractions. The dust that collects over months can make sleeping difficult, too.

Unused things are everywhere: in the bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom. So what can you do with unused things at home?

1. Turn it into cash

Is there anything you can do with unused things at home that will give you money? Sell your furniture on the Internet is the easiest way to make extra cash fast. If you’re looking to unload something, go over to eBay and do it there. Make sure you have a good picture of the item to sell first, because it is easier than posting your own picture of your stuff on eBay.

2. Donate them

If you’re done using something, why not donate it to someone in need? Give away clothes, shoes and toys at a local charity. Donate old appliances to organizations such as Habitat for Humanity. It’s better than throwing them away where they’ll take up space and cost you money to dispose of.

3. Learn a new skill

If you think that whatever you’re using is too old to be useful anymore, but you’re not willing to let it go, why not create something with it? Learn a craft skills at home such as sewing or carpentry if you’re interested in doing so. There’s a lot you can make out of old stuff.

4. Be creative with it

When no one wants your stuff, use it in a crafty way. Make a bird feeder out of an old bottle, or make a new lamp by filling an empty jar with water and attaching bulbs to it with string. Not only are you making something useful out of your old things, but you’re also saving money on buying things already made!

5. Re use it

You can save money and make your home look modern by reusing old things. Use an old mirror as a shelf, or a broken ceramic plate as a paint dish. Making something useful out of an everyday item is fun and simple.

6. Throw it away

Eventually, you’ll come to a point where you must let go of things. If your stuff is so old that it has no use anymore, it’s time to let go. Otherwise, you’re just being sentimental and wasting precious space and money.

7. Display it

You can repurpose objects you don’t use anymore into something useful and decorative. An old umbrella is a great way to cover your table when you want to eat outside. You can also use an old mirror as a light for your room, or hang it on the wall for a decorative touch.

8. Give it a purpose

If you have an old thing that was once useful, give it a new purpose. Make it into a bicycle pump, or a lamp, or paint it bright colors. Whatever you do with it, make sure that the item has value to you. Tips are available on this site on repurposing or recycling your things.


Finding out how you can take good care of your old things is a good way to know how you should keep up with the housework.