Things You Need To Check Before Hiring Someone From The Military

Hiring someone from the military is among the most tedious challenges in any company. When the familiar question arises, “can you please tell me about yourself?” and when a candidate says that they have just one skill, it can be tempting to make your decision. However, hiring someone from the military has its own set of rules that must be followed. The following are things you need to check before hiring someone from the military.

1. Their Background

One important thing that you need to know about is the background of the person you are hiring. Military personnel are often exposed to situations that require different skills than the average employees. Be sure to research first about them and what else they have learned over the years, and if it can be applicable to your company’s needs. Go to website to also check the validity of their claimed military experience.

2. Their Motivation

One of the commonalities among all military is that they are highly motivated individuals. They are ready to leave their homes and families to protect the country. But this motivation, while great in some cases, can be a bad thing if not directed towards the right goals. Make sure you hire someone who will drive hard for your company’s goals, and not just their own. This is something that cannot be taught; it comes with experience and maturity. Someone who has been through wars or combat situations, tend to be mature enough to understand what makes a good leader or manager of people.

3. Their Priorities

One thing that often gets lost when considering candidates from the military is whether or not they have good priorities. You must always remember at every moment that these people fight on a daily basis for something bigger than themselves. It is their job to protect and serve, and that can sometimes make them more self-centered than other candidates.

4. Their Communication Skills

A good communicator is usually wanted by almost any company. This also goes for companies hiring people from the military. Of course, employees who have been in the military have a head start in terms of this skill, but it can still be improved even more. Companies need people who are good in communication because it will be easier to ask for help or share details when necessary. Find out how the person you are hiring communicates with their team members, and if they can do it effectively before you sign their contract.

5. Their Leadership Skills

Leadership skills are usually the last thing people normally consider when hiring someone from the military. This is probably because they understand that leadership skills must be developed over time and experience before it can be mastered. But the truth is that it isn’t something to be taken lightly. A person who shows good leadership through their actions and decisions will also most likely pass down their skills as a manager to those under them. It’s important to check out how well this person leads by observing them in various situations, not just during training or even in the military. This way, you can make sure they are not just a leader in name only, but one with the tendency and potential to become a great manager once hired by your company. Learn more about why having  this skill is important on this site.